• -All Heros Supported
  • -Ghost Aim Assist — Lclick adjust, Angle adjust, Aimbot slightly fixes your real aim.
  • -Flick Bot
  • -General Flick Key(Mouse5)
  • -Head Only Flick Key(Mouse4)
  •       -F5 Profile(Weak profile). Disables Ghost Aim
  •       -F6 Profile(Default profile).
  •      -F7 Profile(Strong profile). Enables Tracking Assist. Faster Flick. More Headshot Ratio
  • -Prediction Flick
  • -Includes everything in Basic Version
  • -ESP Outline
  • -Auto Melee
  • -Fully customizable settings including aim, flick, and skill assist
  • -Skill Assists: Ana’s Dart, Rein’s E prediction, Roadhog Hook prediction, Kiriko, Junkerqueen E, and More
  • -Auto Skill Assist
  • -F11 to turn on ESP and f10 to turn off
  • -Auto Skill> F2 to turn off, F3 to turn on
  • Default: turned off
  • Basic Day: 8USD
  • Basic Week: 40USD
  • Basic Month: 100USD
  • Royal 6 Hours: 8.5USD
  • Royal Day: 13USD
  • Royal Week: 70USD
  • Royal Month: 190USD

Supports AMD/Intel. 3 Pre-configured Settings and Simple to Use

[  \_/ 🔱 Hyper 🔱\_/  ]

 [🔴] Internal and Top Performance.
 [🔴] Windows 10 All Ver + Win 11 (212h2 ) Support
 [🔴] Top Developer
 [🔴] All CPU Support
 [🔴] Strong Bypass and Features

[1] Disable firewall and defenders. Video here: 
[2] Download https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads  Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019
[3] Download loader: 
> Extract loader
 Ensure Virtualization is enabled and DISABLE FAST BOOT
 Run as admin the loader and create a username and PW
 When redeeming key, include up to INTL
 Press install then open OW. To enable ESP press F11
 settings -> Gameplay -> high precison mouse Turn this off.
Standard settings from weak to strong is f5 - f7. Use mouse 4 for flick Headshot only and mouse 5 for flick closet. F11 to turn on ESP and f10 to turn off
Auto Skill
    Available on Ultra
    F2 to turn off
    F3 to turn on
    Default: turned off
Silent Aim Mode
    Available on Premium and Ultra
    Shift+F2 to turn off
    Shift+F3 to turn on
    Default: turned off
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