After purchase, will my keys be delivered instantly? Yes, if the checkout is successful, you will receive the keys immediately. Check email inbox as well to receive order receipt and key
Where do I find the loader downloads or setup guides? Visit the home page and navigate to “Game Information List” select the game and product version and scroll all the way down.
I need support or help Always message me on discord
Could I get banned from cheating? Yes, there is always a chance of getting banned or detected. You are responsible for it and there is no refunds regarding that issue.
What payment methods do you accept? At the moment only credit cards, debt cards, Alipay, Bitcoin, and Ethereum
Is there any refunds? After purchase, there is no refunds at all. If you face any technical problems, message me directly
Will the program timer still run even when I’m not playing? Yes, regardless if you buy day, week, or month, once you activate the key on loader, the timer will start.
Are the cheats HWID locked? Yes of course, depending on some products I can reset the hardware lock
How do I know you won’t scam me after purchase? Just no and GO AWAY

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