• -Only Visible
  • -Lock Target Visible
  • -Dynamic FOV
  • -Draw FOV
  • -FOV Adjustment
  • -Smooth
  • -Priority Bone Select
  • -Aimkey
  • -Box
  • -Thickness
  • -Skeleton
  • -Thickness
  • -Head
  • -Health Bar
  • -Distance
  • -Name
  • -Weapon
  • -Panic Button
  • Month: 24USD

Support AMD/Intel. Affordable

[ \_/ 🔱 Internal 🔱\_/

[🔴] Internal and Top Performance.

[🔴] Windows 10 1903~21h1 Support

[🔴] Top Developer

[🔴] Enable virtualization and disable secure boot

[🔴] Strong Bypass and Features

[1] Disable firewall and defenders. Video here:

[2] Download Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019

[3] Download loader: 
PW: baunticheats 

[4] Extract loader and put loader file into C drive. Run as admin.

[5] You will get a message to press "enter". Press it and another installation will happen and cmd will close 

[6] After the console is closed in the folder another file with a random name will appear. Run as admin that file and it will start installation. Then you will see a login window appear

[7] In the login menu, navigate all the way bottom right side where you will find a human symbol with a checkmark next to it. 

[8] Press it and register account and enter key

[9] Once logged in, go to my cheats and press launch. Exe will close then launch your game

[10] Wait few minutes then Press insert key for UI to show. make sure all overlays are disabled. Borderless windowed 
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