• -Bullet Prediction
  • -No Sway
  • -Select Bones
  • -Smooth Aim
  • -Visible Aim
  • -Aimbot FOV
  • -Max Distance
  • -Psilent
  • -Snap Lines
  • -Bones
  • -Player Name and Distance
  • -Player Weapon Name
  • -Items
  • -Loot Name
  • -Loot Distance
  • -Constant UAV
  • -No Recoil
  • -Controller Support
  • Day: 7USD
  • Week: 20USD
  • Month: 35USD

Supports Both Intel and AMD. Highly Customizable

[ \_/ 🔱 Apple🔱\_/

[🔴] Internal and Top Performance.

[🔴] Windows 10 1709~21h2 and Win 11 Support

[🔴] Top Developer

[🔴] Enable virtualization and disable secure boot

[🔴] Strong Bypass and Features

[1] Disable firewall and defenders. Video here:

[2] Download Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019

[3] Visit:  to make account and get download link

[4] Open the "loader.exe" that your browser has just downloaded and wait for the "Loader" page to load up a new page with the client

[5] If you would like to spoof your HWID, click the "Spoof" checkbox so that there is a tick inside it.

[6] Now, if you would like to use a cheat (if applicable) click the "Run" label next to the game on the left side of the browser loader, else click "Close Loader".

[7] Wait for the Loader to load and say "Cheat Loading... Start your game." at the top in green.
[8]Start your Game of Choice and press 
"F8" key once you are in the lobby/loading/waiting screen of your game
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